Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Best Surprise Ever

Remember my real birthday and the sick kids and the whole sad story? Well, my mom came and changed everything! Amy and my mom are the sneakiest people in the whole world.

So the Starks came into town and Craig and Steve went to a late movie (yeah this does seem odd in retrospect). The kids went to bed and I went to bed. I woke up to Steve pushing around the covers and I was wondering why he would settle down! Just before I bopped him, I opened my eyes and it was none other than M-O-M! It really was one of those surreal feelings. Then I turned over my shoulder and there are two more dark outlines (Amy and Steve, but who was I to guess at this point?) Amy, mom and I went downstairs to laugh and talk and thus began a really awesome week with family.

Here are some pictures to make up for my storytelling deficiencies.

Mom visiting my preschool class and sharing a story with them for my birthday (hehehee that's what all the kids get to do too!). They LOVED her.

Griffin and Sophie slept at the best times during our Chicago day trips.
Field Museum visit-
Tank Park-
I promise, Steve is loving this high end cupcake hang out!