Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I've been told to check my shoes for spiders...

This morning I was getting ready for my early morning gym class and my shoes refused to accept my feet. I tried a second time. I wondered if my ice cream sandwich late, last night effected my feet and not my gut. I peered inside and found....a little white ewe. Jack loves plastic farm animals and he meticulously displays them around the house. He has at least eight bovine. It will never be enough. Many discussions involve, "mama, de bebe, mooo--ooooo, udder, milk..." I've gotten so used to it that I tune out, but it's pretty sweet.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Way down south in Dixie

We had nice weekend far from the things of man, at least for a couple of days. We felt like we had to get away after a long week six friends staying in our tiny apartment. I'm sure that Jack relieved to spend quality time (if you count a dozen hours crammed into a car with all kinds of camping stuff as quality). It was fun to see Jack so happy to run on sand dunes, help set up the tent, and explore the campground looking for rabbits and birds (I promised him lizards, but the 28 degree nights made them a little too elusive). Jack must be a desert rat at heart. He kept chanting slot canyon as we hiked through world's longest slot canyon. There's more. There's always more, but here are a few photos of what we've done.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My New Zippy Zippy Zongs

Notice my new footwear! Steve got me a pair of Chaco Zongs, which I actually love much more than my previous pair. They are light and cute and -oh so zippy! Are these sandals sexy, or what? You can tell from this picture that Steve can hardly keep his eyes off me.
This is the fam at the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point. We all loved it. Leisy, we'll have to go when you come in June!

Dueling Dads

Okay, so I know that my dad and Steve's dad actually had fun at my birthday bash, but these pictures just turned out so well. It's like a long awkward pause...can anyone hear crickets?