Thursday, June 24, 2010


Less than two weeks and I'm totally exhausted. Jack's been an angel. Griff's oblivious.

Monday, June 21, 2010

And the World Goes Round and Round

Amy, Emily (the bride) and I.
My family minus Derek.

My younger cousins are getting married and I'm feeling like I'm not sixteen, but it's so much fun! This past weekend I rode with my Aunt Mary and cousins to Boise for Emily's sealing. Steve stayed and the kids stayed and I just couldn't get over how easy traveling was! I met up with Amy and my parents on Friday and we stayed super busy getting things ready for the wedding, but it was so much fun! I really missed Derek and Rachael and their kids.

With each additional reception, I begin to realize the great sacrifices of my family when Steve and I got married. Why not get married on December Washington....with two months to plan....? Can you believe my parents still love me? Yeah, and they even send me really cool anniversary presents!
The pirate held down the fort.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Ship That Will Never Set Sail

I wish I were the 'Pioneer Woman' or some other domesticated goddess, but I am not. I'm not really sure what I am yet. I do know that I have the most amazing mother. She's perfect. She is Mary Poppins and Floreline Maria in one (funny since it's the same person, right?). I remember perfect cakes and perfectly, sewn Halloween costumes and just perfect. Maybe her memories are different, but she can do no wrong in my eyes.

Which brings me abruptly to Jack's birthday cake and EVERY birthday cake excepting mine each and every blessed year. They should be creative and perfect and taste good. Why? I am mature enough to realize that it only matters to me. In the face of my lofty goals this recent cake starting creaking...whoa and then...CRACK! The whole stinkin thing broke through the middle of the helm! (there are no troubleshooting ideas on Family Fun!!!).

Here's the salvage job (I could have disguised the glass cups on each side, but I didn't want to fight anymore). Bless Jack...he was thrilled. To me, the cake tasted like a box cake (even with my adjusting) and looked a bit rattled, but to Jack it was almost good enough to climb aboard. SET OUT TO SEA MATEY!
Kate, my cuz, was amazing! She held and talked to Jack while he plugged his ears (sometimes for no apparent reason) at the parade on Saturday. Credit goes to Penny Penn too, but she wasn't here for this pic.
Here's the gang! They are so wonderful! Maybe they'll all move to Chicago with me! :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Wee Bit More Me Hearties!

What a fun birthday! Here is the wrap up of a very fun day....
The Party!(Aaaahh don't make me eat at Pirate Island! Loud, smelly, screaming children, bad food.....)
Jack was so surprised when we took him to Pirate Island. He thought we were dressing up to pick Steve up from BYU.
Look at that face! Jack loved every moment of Pirate Island (oh except getting kicked when playing on the pirate ship). He even got a parrot balloon!
Jack is feeding his "octopus" ice cream to his parrot. Steve is SO jealous! :)
Jack singing sea chanties and dancing!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Capt'n Jack Be Four!

The day's just begun, but fun is all around. Jack chose one special present to open and I imagine he'll be wearing it ALL day. We've been jumping around the room and sword fighting to the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song. Here's the sneak peek! More to come!
ps cinnamon sugar toast for know pirates don't brush their teeth unless they want to!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

WANTED: Full Time Nanny or New Brain

Life continues in it's helter skelter way and I'm less than thrilled that Steve is still putting in at least fifteen hour days. OH I'm so tired of this. No one tell me the truth about life being hard and husbands being gone and how things will just get worse....Boo! No one tell me that.

Jack is amazing and I love him and tickle him and die laughing at his ideas and games, but if I have to tell one more story about a dolphin turning into a boy (WHY did I make that story so great! He loved it the first time and I'm forever re-creating it!) I might just turn into a boy myself! Or a dolphin for that matter. Pretty soon I'll be able to give Brandon Mull a run for his money.

Griffin is such a doll, but yesterday within two hours he had received five ouchy shots, crashed out of the Radio Flyer wagon (reaching for a lousy cracker) and he completely exasperated his diaper rash by scooting on his hiney everywhere! Yeah yesterday he wasn't his chipper self.

And me? Here is the insight: What is Jack doing....why can't he leave his brother alone? Clean...oh yeah the fridge, pack the random tablecloths and aprons we won't use this month...send off rent, phones ringing! Kids crying! Why is this place messy? All I do is clean and feed and I'm not even nursing anymore.

When I see Steve in August I'll tell you how he is feeling. Here are the highlights in picture form! :)