Monday, August 30, 2010


Welcome to Illinois

No Hiking after dark
No rappelling or scrambling on the rocks
No hiking off marked trails
No swimming or wading
No bicycling on hiking trails
Do not pick or remove anything including wildflowers (and lichens)
Keep pets on leash
Camping permitted only in the campground
Prohibited possess alcohol

No swimming
No splashing
No racing
No standing up
No switching seats

Some of us don't like too many rules-

but after a little sandstone and apple ice cream at least two of us decided we could stay a little longer in a place where they have way too many rules

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Warren Dunes

Climbing the dune.
Griff got the best deal.
I could have stayed at the top of the dune ALL day.
Where are those toes?
Griff and Jack scooted down the dune!
Scary pirate campers!

This weekend we had a chance to camp for the first time this summer. We met up with the Starkeys and the Jaynes. It was a quick drive into Michigan, the best company around, fabulous campfire food, awesome sights (the beach has the best sand and water and NO salt or sharks!). Thanks to Amy for reserving the campsites. We needed this brief oasis!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy Graduation Dr. Steven D. Leavitt

I'm near tears today. BOO! for not being at graduation and BOO! for graduating and not making a doctor's salary, but hooray for a super amazing husband! Steve should be somewhere amongst millions of zoobies today...cursing all the way....but receiving recognition for his amazing work. Pomp and circumstance perhaps, but I'm still sorry. We love you Dr. Steve! We're going to celebrate with a real date tonight thanks to Robert and Laura.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Perfect Saturday

You should have seen this man row! I tried rowing for a stint and the Captain nearly threw me overboard. (Captain Jack that is)

Did I mention this guy had a bad day?
Wow, that girl is really good at riding her bike.... :)
Yesterday was perfect. We worked and played and I know Griff was fussy all day, but the rest of us were happy! Steve made my new bookshelf look absolutely amazing and put it in our room. That project alone took care of several messes. We moved furniture around in the living room, cleaned the garage and kitchen and vacuumed and somehow kept children fairly happy (excepting Griff of course who was loud and crazy all day). We went to Blackwell Forest Preserve just a couple miles away and rowed around the lake. We got home and set off on a bike ride! We watched a movie together and I ironed a train load of wrinkly things and then we read books. There you have it. Way more information than anyone wanted, but it was such a perfect day. Tomorrow's Monday.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chicago, Chicago

I'll let the pictures do the talking, but we have been exploring Chicago and having a lot of fun. There is an equal amount of exploring here in Naperville. We're so happy to have Dad home and into his new career. We get free entrance to tons of museums so we'll keep you posted as we explore.