Friday, February 19, 2010

Interview with an Artist

I wish I could see things through Jack's perspective for a day. Steve and I enjoy hearing him talk to cousins on the phone. Last week he "was wondering if you could get in your van and come to Daniel's birthday. Mommy made some chocolate cake..." This request to the Fuller cousins was made to each individual who got on the phone and it was sweet and innocent and very sincere. Did I mention the cousins live in Arizona and last time I checked we are still in Utah. The twenty minute commute is out of the question.

Jack's artwork is a very creative look into his mind. I love it! Here is a sneak peek.

Jack Skellington
Pippi! My favorite!
The artist, himself

Here is a glimpse of our daily trips to the park...when will winter be over?

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Steve took some pictures of Griffin last week in the tub. We went back in time to find a picture of Jack at the same age. These two little guys look so different to me and their personalities are just as distinct. I can't stop smiling. Nothing tops nakey tub babies!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A champion in our midst

Growing up we would spend most Saturdays at my Grandma Clinger's house exploring the family farm. At an early age my brothers and I would paste as many rose thorns to our face as we possibly could. At that age it wasn't just a game - it was a hobby or talent. Dean was alway much better at it than I was and certainly holds the family record (over 30 thorns on his face). Jack's not quite competing at that level yet, but he certainly has the determination.