Friday, May 28, 2010


Well maybe the Lord ran out of materials when He made me or maybe he knew we would always have a small home. We have found a new place to live in the beautiful Naperville and while I can complain about it not being huge, it is definitely new and lovely. Who I am to complain? We currently live without a garage, dishwasher and laundry room and all three will be remedied in the new abode. Oddly we'll have a two car garage...I guess that's where we'll put guests and future children! :)

I haven't been the best blogger, but here is some of the best of late-

"roll it and roll it"
Totally asleep in a...yup a box!
The Pirate Lunge! Try it (but keep your knee in line with your ankle...hehehee)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lovely Morning

Jack took this! I love it!
Cut off my head...very pirate-y
Was that a bad idea...heheee?
I've wanted to take the boys to the temple grounds for a few weeks and today was the perfect morning. The air felt so crisp and fresh (will it ever feel like that in Chicago?) and the colors are like living Crayola. Steve is gone and that is another factor for getting out of the house on a 1pm church schedule. I think I'm gifted when it comes to keeping busy when Steve is MIA. I've had a lot of practice (although I know several who are way more experienced in survival skills). Yet, no matter how worthwhile our ventures it's just not the same without Daddy. We sure miss him and we think he's the smartest man around. I can't wait to call him "Doctor Stevinsky."
ps I realized that the blurry pictures occur promptly after lending my camera to Jack....hmm....

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Big ONE

Happy Birthday Griffin!
I was so worried that my lack of excitement during my second pregnancy would make you feel less welcome to this family, but you've gotten away with way more than Jack. More snuggles, more naps with Momma, more hugs from a big brother, more chubbers being pinched, more babying (I was so hopeful that Jack wouldn't always be a baby and Steve wouldn't always be gone) and just plain MORE!
You are tricky and handsome and manipulating. You adore your big brother Jack and I adore your gap-py teeth.
Having two children sheds light on this Plan of Happiness. I'll never get tired of seeing the interaction between these two brothers. They share a hug or Jack laughs over Griffy making silly sounds or I'm stifling a giggle over a red-cheeked Jack who doesn't want "chubber hands grabbing his pirates!" I'm happy and this is the plan.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Child Proofing - Pirate Style

Jack's one creative pirate/big brother.
Fishing at Strawberry was uneventful, but the first family activity in forever (Steve's been working 7am-10pm, M-Sa to finish up).
Griff is actually holding a crawdad pincher, but it looks like a cute thumbs up.
Did I mention there was still ice...LOTS of ice on Strawberry? We didn't quite catch anything... :)
The Man, the Myth
My new "tennis bracelet" from Steve