Monday, April 20, 2009

Life in the Reef

After a cold, snowy, and uneventful spring break Hailey convinced me that she needed to get out and see some country. I've been hooked on the latest Tomb Raider game and wasn't about to leave town and miss out on the action. Hailey promised 20 extra video game hours a week for the next month if I took her to some place nice. I couldn't pass that deal up. Here's a sample of our little weekend in Capitol Reef, video game free:

Even the cold couldn't chill anyone's spirit

The perfect sunset spot. I'm sure that it wouldn't take much to convince Hailey to spend the rest of our nights watching the sunset from this spot.

Newfound lichen species named for Obama

A newly discovered species of lichen — a plant-like growth that looks like moss or a dry leaf — has been named after President Obama.

Kerry Knudsen, lichen curator of the University of California, Riverside Herbarium, discovered the species in 2007 while doing a survey for lichen diversity on Santa Rosa Island in California.

"I named it Caloplaca obamae to show my appreciation for the president's support of science and science education," he said. "I made the final collections of C. obamae during the suspenseful final weeks of President Obama's campaign for the United States presidency."
C. obamae, the first species of any organism to be named in honor of President Obama, grows on soil and almost became extinct during the days of cattle ranching that spanned nearly 100 on Santa Rosa Island.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lots of Snow and No Car or Daddy

If you want a great picture of our April 15th snowstorm, click on Josh and McKenna's link to the right. I was up all night and out of bed by 6am, which is why today feels like several, long days. Jack and I have done everything! It's only! I did finally finish several projects.
Pirate hat and booties for Griff (thanks to Kristi who helped me figure out the dumb heat and bond!)
A bib. It's rather boring, but a great size. Jack told me he doesn't like it and then he told me to cry. He likes when I cry (but not for real).
A Super Clown cape (Sammy introduced Jack to this type of cape. Notice the really awful stitching...hehehe. Sorry mom, I know I put you to shame.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Rich Girl's Guide on the Art of Being "Poor"

#1: If perfume is too expensive, but you crave the name brand buy glade air freshener sprays and mist yourself carefully. (Actually saving up to $50)#2: If your child or husband would like expensive toys, give them pine cones or fresh lichen specimens. ($25)
#3: If holiday goodies (like the Easter Bunny) seem like just another expense--remember THEY ARE! Say to yourself, "I'm not less of a person because I refuse to buy enormous amounts of candy and toys specifically marketed for Easter." Then repackage the delicious candy that your mother sent and *poof* you have candy for your family! Oh and never eat both Dove bunnies and assume no one will notice. ($20.20)#4: Say you're pregnant and you have to use the bathroom a lot. Try to use public bathrooms to cut down on toilet paper expenses. However, you should NEVER, under any circumstance use the Burlington bathroom. You might get AIDS or Rabies or both (we will further address this in an upcoming post) ($10/mo)
#5: Do all things that are worthwhile and free! Visit the library, free museums, Cabelas (for the animals), pet stores, parks, walk around the mall and throw pennies in the water, free cookies for kids at grocery stores etc. ($Lots)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Valiant Cheerfully Do All They Can in Times of Trouble

Today at church we were talking about those who are valiant during times of difficulty. Several people came to mind, one of which was Julie Andrews and specifically the woman she portrays in 'The Sound of Music'; Maria Von Trapp. I have two thoughts. Julie Andrews really seems like a person who could cheerfully follow Christ through difficult times (right, I don't actually know her...just a good feeling from watching 'The Sound of Music' with Jack so many times). Secondly, I have read a book on Maria Von Trapp and her life and I'm quite certain she was a valiant servant in difficult times.

So I came across this great video and because I am a creature that doesn't know how to handle a great volume of emotion, I just cried and laughed and cried some more. Yes, thankfully Steve was gone and Jack was sleeping (it's amazing that I'm soon to be a mother of another boy with all the silliness inside of me). Next time this song and dance happens, I want to be part of it! I just enjoyed something uplifting during a time of trouble.

The second video just made me laugh and I didn't get any spiritual insight, but I did think of Jack.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Educational Activities with "Poofer Balls"

A couple weeks ago I bought a bag of pom-poms. It must be the elementary teacher within me. I was sure there was some purpose for these colorful little things. It took me too long to come up with a craft (ha, imagine that!), but Jack sure came up with some fun games. He plays with the "poofer balls" the way Derek, Amy and I used to play with marbles, giving them personalities at times and creating shapes on the floor with them. If Griff is listening half as well as Jack did, while I was teaching first grade, I bet Griff will have some interesting educational games to teach us too!PS I finally did come up with some Easter Egg Animals (Family Fun) for the pom poms. Jack informed me, "The kitty and doggy don't stand up very well, do they mommy?" Oh brother!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The nose on my other Hailey's birthday cake is.....

a piece of meringue from a lemon meringue pie. It really was last minute inspiration.