Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Good Times on the Circle

Buying ice cream from the ice cream man is such a waste of money, right? We are constantly filling Jack's sweet head with talk about "good values." Oh blah! Here is a picture of Jack having a highly sweetened, expensive treat right before dinner. Oh yeah, and he is using his scissors too! Breaking all the rules! This is why every kid wants to be a grown up right? :)He looks so sweet, you would never guess how he grunts and passes gas.If you don't think he looks like a Howell, don't tell me. I'm still crossing my fingers!

The pinata was a little late due to our lovely June thunderstorms.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Oh yeah, I have two kiddos now

Poor Griffin hasn't received very much coverage lately. Let me just say that my computer usage time has gone WAY down. When I have spare time I am usually reading a book or talking to Amy on the phone (hooray for Verizon)!

He is growing so well and smiling much more. I sure love this guy. He is pretty much enamored with me too. :) He loves Daddy's voice and Jack...well let's be honest, Jack gives Griff shifty eyes.
He was smiling and cooing at me and the silly little monkey on his mat. Hooray!That is a cute, little, scrunched up bum!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Three years with Gravy J

Jack just celebrated his third birthday, and things have changed a lot since the day of his birth. Time marches on and its hard to see the changes, yet we keep anticipating the next 'stage' of life. Right now I'm wishing somehow I could put things into slow motion or at least have the chance to rewind our life every once in a while. Regardless, he's just as wonderful now as he was when we was first born. We love him. Happy birthday Jack!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Wiz

This was the Orem library Teddy Bear Picnic with a Wizard of Oz theme...sounds confusing, huh? It was hard enough to get us dressed and there, forget bringing a teddy bear. Oh and apparently it isn't the kind of picnic that you eat at...whatever. Before we left home Jack and Griffin were both crying. Jack told me through tears and screaming that he didn't even want to dress up anymore. It made me feel awful..probably because I wasn't feeling patient or loving. Thankfully Jack loved the puppets and stories and, of course, the theme.
Little Griffin along for the ride. Steve promises to never call him Biff again.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Utah Lake Festival

Another year at the Utah Lake Festival. Last year it was so fun. Perfect weather, moderate crowds, and a quick visit. This year it was still nice, but the crowds were way worse and we stuck around longer than anyone wanted. Hailey thinks that the way I dress is a disgrace to our family and has been threatening to take me shopping every day this week (she only succeeded once and bought my my first pair of plaid shorts). I couldn't let that happen again and I new that they were giving out free "Utah Lake Festival" shirts. I told them my sad tale and they gave me three. With three new t-shirst I'm set for the next year and Hailey won't feel like I'm letting down the family.

This is our first complete family picture since the birth.of Biff.

Close up of chunky Biff.

Jack only had to wait about five hours to get his face painted. He was so excited to painted up like Spider Man and was really confused when he walked away with a dragons mask. Hailey and I think Jack speaks pretty clearly, but then again last night watching a movie neither of us could understand what the adults were saying. We keep asking each other "Huh, what'd they say'.

One more - take a vote on what color you think Biff's hair is, please.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Another Week

Look at that man. He is a natural father. I love him so much. I like the two little ones too. :)
Griffin is going to catch up to Jack in a couple months!
Last week I said goodbye to my job and my fabulous Macs (desktop and laptop). I also said goodbye to my paycheck and insurance...why did I smile for that picture?