Saturday, November 27, 2010


Pictures express more than words. We had a traditional Thanksgiving feast with Wayne and Annamaria. Thanks to their company, the holidays were ushered in with great food, Chicago sights, games and the annual Leavitt Bingo game. Griffin LOVED the stuffing and kept saying, "MOR, MOR!" Jack couldn't get enough attention from Uncle Wayne and Annamaria. I suppose Steve and I couldn't get over the amount of good food in our typically sparse fridge!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Life as a tire swing ride

I absolutely love spinning and I have yet to reach my threshold. Life is like an ongoing tire swing ride. You do the same things over and over again and occasionally lose your stomach. My current rotation involves mothering, teaching preschool (okay more mothering and a little more academics), trying to get ready to teach Zumba, wife-ing, and serving in nursery and a few other little things that slip in and out of the rotation like good books and sewing. It's a pretty good rotation. Although it's sure helpful when Daddy isn't gone for ten days in a row. The lovely visuals are thanks to Rachael!