Thursday, January 28, 2010

Super Duper

"Jack's handsome." (Don't move India!!! Who will Jack fight with?)
He actually fell asleep this way (the first nap in weeks! Look at his socks...)
I don't have much to say, but the boys always do.

Griffin's talking

Saturday, January 23, 2010


After losing his first pet (a Siamese fighting fish named 'Bonesaw') you would think Jack may be a little more uncomfortable around dead animals.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

True Love

I run. I’m a runner.

Why would anyone want to run? WHY? Why, when you can dance, kickbox, Step, hike, bicycle or haul children to the grocery store? It’s just plain, old, uncreative peer pressure and perhaps the slightest bit of competition. (I should mention here that my first intro to running came in the form of the highest degree of torture; running the mile in school for fitness tests. We did this twice a year and it was painful. My face exploded into a sweaty, bright, red mess and it felt like I ran through a day and basically to the land of where the wild things are)

After, yet another friend suggested a half marathon I threw up my arms in exasperation and said that it was a horrible idea and then I went out and bought my first pair of Asics. I hit the gym early this morning and bypassed my lovely aerobics room and found myself on a treadmill. It wasn’t long, not in mileage anyway. Two and half miles passed and they passed rather nicely, I must say. There may be more miles ahead of me and more Asics too.

So the true love part is not a relationship with my shoes or the treadmill or even running----it’s Steve! He loaded the ipod. His music picks for me and my lofty goal are too grand not to share. Enjoy!

***Several songs weren't on Playlist. Please contact me for more Steve listening. Oh and feel free to push pause when you visit. I also heard Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (John Denver). That one is good.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Did Anyone See This on Christmas Morning?

Look what Grandpa got in his stocking~

He shared though~
Christmas Eve Program~Silent Night in Spanish
Little entertainment~
Christmas Eve Breakfast at The Davenport~
Steve will probably be annoyed that I didn't write much. I guess pictures generally do some of the reporting. We had an amazing visit in Washington. We got to drive over and visit Derek and Rachael and their kiddos for the weekend, we went hiking, eating out, playing games, talking, movies etc. I tried to learn some of the skills I admire in my parents and I'm happy to say that I got a lesson in rope tying, (I want to be a boy scout...can anyone take me on a 50 miler?) crocheting and at least a small tutorial in packaging and bow tying! Hooray!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Grandma Nonna's

We lost our camera for a good part of our trip to Washington and the picture return is a bit short. I put my card reader in the computer and pulled up...what? The camera has less than ten pictures! So sad, but here are a couple of the boys in matching jammies. Jack is weighing himself...his favorite thing to do in that room.

I guess I should say, we are back home. Jack let me know that going home is a happy sad feeling. I quite agree---and more to follow.