Thursday, September 24, 2009

Back To School

Today was Jack's first day of preschool. Erin is teaching the first rotation. Jack came home and told me about a king story, learning letters and sorting. He even taught Griffin what he learned. I can't believe he remembered so much! Thanks Erin! She sent the cutest little homework sorting project with fruit snacks and pumpkin stickers.

I spent the day at UVU soaking up a writing conference. Sadly, I've discovered that I'm a hasty perfectionist. I actually learned this prior to the conference. Consequently, I am mediocre in several things (dancing, sewing, writing etc). Turns out you have to work really hard to be great at something or be naturally brilliant. Bummer. Maybe I'll just excel in reading!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jimmy, Oh Jimmy!

I won't let Jack watch 'Casper the Friendly Ghost.' Yeah he may be "friendly" and all, but he's totally obnoxious and my three-year-old won't stop pulling on his face...oh and he learned to say "stupid" too!Are they related or what?

Welcome home no-longer- Elder Leavitt- aka James! We got to welcome home Steve's younger brother from a mission in PA. He's home! I'm not his mother, but it seemed like four years and not just two. Don't worry, I didn't mention this to him. Oh, but I did make the cool sign! Jack helped with the weird and creepy curly-ques in red.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fall Fling

I can feel Fall in the delicious air. I've been told to relish these next two savory weeks before the real cold sets in. The transition between seasons is one of the greatest creations. My goal list grows nice and juicy and I get all excited for change (ahem this feeling does not occur as fall slams it's sweet head into bitter ole winter).
So a really great friend has asked how I celebrate Fall. I'm an elementary teacher...I do "crafts" (I assist Jack in painting, leaf collecting and the like. I DO NOT make things for my home. I AM NOT known as a crafter or maker of real crafts) and bake sugar cookies! Thanks to another amazing friend (Mckenna S. Hehehee) I have a just perfectly poofy and sweet sugar cookie recipe. Jack decorates and gobbles (I do the same). Halloween is celebrated for at least two months in this household.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

"A Dragon Lives Forever, But Not So Little Boys...."

We now own a sweet bike trailer. We've christened it with a family ride around the circle. The kids and I in the trailer and Steve pushing us. What was funnier you ask? Steve running? Hailey in the trailer crying in laughter? I really don't know, but we do love this trailer and someday we might be able to afford another bike and four new helmets. Steve busted his poor bike on Friday, so the key word is SOMEDAY. I'm pretty sure we won't ever get a new car. We're just going to walk places from now on.
Saturday Steve shot a poor little dove and brought its gruesome little corpse to my clean fridge. After such a jarring beginning I didn't have high hopes for the day, but we went on to have a lot of good clean fun. Walking up the canyon (yes Steve sneered, "this is really getting out" but he did have fun) and swimming in the evening. I even had two hours of trying on denim at the mall without kids. (Does anyone have a cute pair of boyfriend jeans to recommend?)One last note-Jack is being a witch. I thought people were checking out our new bike trailer with envy, but it could have been the red-headed witch, green face and long pointed hat...and newborn baby. Oh and somehow Jack has learned the words to "Puff the Magic Dragon" and all together it was quite a show, even for the jaded parents. Another bonus-almost everything was free-free walking, free swimming, free cafe rio dinner. Who doesn't love FREE? Perfect Saturday and a pretty good ending to a long summer.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Just About Griffin

Here is a little more about the ever growing Griffin. He is trying out his thumb, moving really well and laughing at Jack constantly. We just spent the best $15 ever on a wedge for his crib. The wedge elevates his head and body and helps him sleep through the night...almost. He usually sleeps from 9pm-3am and that is better than Jack! I used to wonder why parents were obsessed with how much their baby slept, but it makes way more sense now.