Sunday, February 27, 2011

Being the Best Mom

Jack is singing my praises as of late and it's not half bad considering my mood and list of grievances. It is no secret that Griffin lives for his father and I'm surprised at my lack of concern over this because I'm really okay with the baby loving daddy the best. I guess we each have one child that is completely happy with us. I receive the most good night kisses, Jack's handiwork like the noodle necklace he made me yesterday, and a little bit of praise ("You are the most beautiful and the loveliest.." and "You are too beautiful").

Being the beautiful mother that I am, I decided last week that Jack needed to go somewhere special. The Naperville Children's Museum is ridiculously expensive. They charge children in utero. Friday is my day off and I usually like to start it with one of my favorite gym classes, but last Friday I generously set it aside and loaded the kids up. I asked Jack where he wanted to go (as I drove to the museum). He didn't surprise me with a request for the pirate ship at the children's museum. I explained that it was very expensive and then asked him where else he would like to go. He sighed and then miraculously we pulled into the Children's Museum and had a wonderful adventure!

p.s. After my selfless gift, I took the kids to Target and locked my keys in the car. The day just got better when Jack got to meet a police officer and watch him break into our car! This is one of the keys to being the best mom, I'm pretty sure.
p.s.s. Okay so penguin's don't fly,but wasn't it a good story????

Friday, February 11, 2011

P is for Penguin

Today something truly amazing happened. Most faithful readers of our blog realize that we are fairly new to Chicagoland and with that we have many new discoveries. I was surprised to find rabbits bouncing through our neighborhood during the summer, then Canadian Geese meandering the roads in the Fall and now a PENGUIN. TRULY. I caught one picture before he (I think's kind of blurry) slipped to his blubber and slid down the roof. Too bad "P is for penguin" was two weeks ago. Jack and I were thrilled. Griffin asked for another cookie. And that was that.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011