Sunday, November 23, 2008

"I find my duty hard to do today"

Here is a little more insight into our week without daddy. Jack is singing 'Pirates of Penzance,' ("Away, away! Ere I expire! I find my duty hard to do today.") Those words are so true concerning life without Steve.

The other day I thought I was actually having a conversation with Jack. Then he sang out, "I pick my nose. I
sing and pick my nose." That shot a hole in my sail.

Yesterday I was again mistaken that Jack and I were conversing. After a few exchanges Jack asked innocently, "Mommy, what are you talking about?" Oh nothing...nothing at all.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Without a Daddy

I had to post these pictures. This is Jack watching Sesame Street. He is so zoned out. He might look like this during the next two weeks, as we try to survive without daddy. If he were watching 'Sound of Music,' or 'Pirates of Penzance' he would be out of his chair dancing or sword fighting. However his cute, drone expression was too hard to pass up and I grabbed my camera. The picture taking did not change his expression one bit. After watching him and laughing to myself I asked him if he could at least give me one good "arrr matey." He did! I think Uncle Derek does the same thing when he watches movies. Is that right? Maybe he needs a Dr. Dog to sit with too.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The one and only, but not for long

Daddy's cowboy boots $80 ($200 value)
Nemo Hat $22
Skeleton Apron (Ask Grandma Nonna)
Wizard of Oz toys $40 (what was Daddy thinking?)Jack = PRICELESS

Friday, November 7, 2008

Reminders of My Real Job

Most of you know that I'm teaching part-time this year. The whole family is grateful for this sweet, little job, but that doesn't mean I don't complain. I teach Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. I basically have the best weekend anyone could ask for. My salary has gone up since this is my fourth year teaching and we receive benefits (after we pay nearly $500/mo...whatever, I'm still grateful).

So let me tell you why I never forget what my real job is. Yesterday I pulled my laptop out of it's bag and unearthed nearly an inch of crushed saltine crackers. As I not so delicately dumped out the powder out came a DIAPER! I find diapers everywhere. I'm sure my co-workers think I have bladder control issues.

I have heard myself call students sweetheart...(whoops!) and I'm tempted, nearly daily, to straighten hair and wipe off dirty faces.

Steve and Jack will drop me off at work occasionally and pick me up. This is quite the ritual. Everyone needs kisses and waves (mainly Steve). The windows are rolled down and I will hear Jack shout, "I love you mommy, I miss you...mommy teaches kids!" I usually want to go back to the car and drive away with them, but somehow I manage to walk towards the school.

Let me tell you, when I come home I NEVER forget that I'm a mommy (dishes, dinner to make, laundry, weird little papers that never have a home. It's just about perfect.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Top FiveThings the World Loves About Steve

This is exactly the kind of post that makes Steve gag, so I thought it would be fun!

1. Steve's a rugged man
None of this stay at home and watch sports, man. No spiking his hair or wearing jeans that are too "distressed." This man is manicured only by the extremes of nature.

2. Steve's opinionated
He doesn't think I like this aspect, but I truly do. I love that he is vocal and well-researched. If you're every in the mood for a good argument just bring up Glen Canyon, politics, ipods, music, breastfeeding, circumcision, BigLots etc. I think I discover a new opinion everyday!

3. Steve's (nearly) a DOCTOR
I'm so proud of Steve for working so hard. He should be receiving his Ph.D. next December. I never knew I would marry a charming doctor.

4. Steve's SUPERDAD!
Steve stays home every Tuesday, so that I can continue teaching. I'm exhausted with working, but his flexibility has been a great blessing to Jack and me. Jack adores Steve.

5. Steve dresses up as a pirate and sings songs
This was Jack's contribution. I asked him what he loved about Steve.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween, Halloween!

Anyone who has been around Jack, knows that "Halloween" was one of his first and best words ever spoken. Yesterday was a perfect holiday. We woke up early and took Steve to BYU. Then we went trick or treating at Maceys with all the neighborhood friends. It was so cute to watch the kids run into Maceys altogether. India came dressed as a princess and she ran along the aisles pretty quickly in her cute, plastic heels! The kids got a few candies and had a great time. Afterwards the party continued at our house with doughnuts and a Charlie Brown Halloween movie, which Steve thinks is void of charm and humor.

In the afternoon we picked up Steve and drove up to Alpine. Adele made delicious doughnuts and we passed out doughnuts to the neighbors and took Jack to a few houses to trick or treat. He loved it! His face lit up when he saw another group of kids trick or treating and he ran right up to them and joined the party. I looked at him and thought, "he's so grown up now and darling." I wasn't thinking along those lines when we got home late and he turned into a typical two-year-old, overtired monster! All in all a perfect day.