Thursday, June 30, 2011

Howell Family Reunion

Our family reunion last week (in Washington) made me remember how much I love Washington and Idaho. The air was so fresh! I just wanted to be outside! The bugs weren't bad and the trees and water were so full and beautiful. We spent a day in Spokane and the next couple of days at a cabin on Lake Coeur 'd Alene.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Walk Like an Egyptian

Jack is five and he decided upon an Egypt party this year. Hooray! I was way more excited about throwing a party that didn't involve skull and crossbones. This kid is enamored with Ancient Egpyt. It must have been an easy transition for him...mummies, treasures, bones and mystery.

We had a great group of kids for the party and they were all excited to dress like the Egyptians, bomb the pyramids (Roman and Egyptian battle outside with water balloons) and participate in an archaeologist dig. The "walk like an Egyptian" relay race was pretty entertaining for Steve and I and completely embarrassing for most of the kids.

After the friend party we went to the paddle boats in downtown Naperville and later celebrated with presents, cake and ice cream.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer is Here

Friday we ran into a party at the YMCA with a bounce house, tug of war, and free popcorn and lemonade. Saturday we went to the Brookfield Zoo! We showed up as it opened and there were no crowds (this factor colors our view of places). We felt more like we were going to Disneyland than a zoo and Jack's excitement never ebbed. Steve and I were happy because we got in for free and we parked for free (Field Museum perk) and Griffy was happy about each animal except for the pudgy Pygmy Hippo. We got to see the penguin feeding with only two other people!

Sadly, the humidity never sleeps. It was out in full force to destroy my morning run and it continued to create a sheen of sweat on each of us, during our trip to the Brookfield Zoo, but a brief thunderstorm brought a bit of relief in the evening. I sure miss the mountain air of Utah.