Thursday, March 31, 2011

Golden Birthday

The mummy cake.

Unwrapping the mystery!
Jack had mummy strips inside the cake that said things like, "you have been cursed to be the best mummy.."
The best tasting and most interesting of Steve's many creations.
Guess who?
A birthday becomes memorable not because of it's perfection, but because of it's honesty. My day began lousy. I was up too early without direction and no drive to exercise. Jack hopped into my bed a little too early (6:30am...). I had to go to work. It was stressful. Griffy was sick, miserable, clingy and he had the runs so badly that we came home early, where he continued to poop through three outfits before 3pm. Steve got stuck at work and was two hours later than intended and then I cried.

Skip ahead to dinnertime: Steve made the most amazing burgers and he had the table decorated in the warmest yellows. There were yellow lanterns, a yellow tablecloth, yellow plates with our portraits drawn on them (thanks to Jack) and presents crowding a corner of the table. Such a warm, hopeful moment. Really. Then the prayer was said, "Amen" and Griffy threw up...and threw up...and suddenly yellow wasn't my favorite color.

I spent the next part of my birthday talking to a most eccentric and helpful pediatrician. This was followed by a jaunt to Walgreens. When I got home I had the most amazing mummy, brownie ice cream cake, amazing gifts and somehow it really was a great birthday and extremely memorable.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Peak Baggers

As true adventures we decided to summit the highest point in DuPage County. USGS records indicate that the highest point is an unnamed hill top near Lombard (ele. 820'), but a secret, closely guarded local climbers, is that Mount Hoy (836') dwarfs 'unnamed hilltop'. As we decided to summit with two children under five years old, Nova wanted to document our ascent. However to maintain rights to the images and story we declined their sponsorship for the benefit of our blog. Here's the climb:

Okay, 'Mount' Hoy isn't a mountain or a hilltop. It is just a garbage heap covered with sod.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

There are Two Kinds of Meat

1. Meat. I'm not ready to say good-bye to meat completely, but it is becoming rather rare. This is born of reading too many nutrition books. Organic was once laughed at, but now it's difficult to pass. We probably eat meat 1-2 times a week and this week I requested an amazing sandwich compliments of Steve via The Pioneer Woman. Steve would win an award for his replication.

1. Meet. Meet Daddy. Meet, meet, meet.