Sunday, April 29, 2012

Robin Eggs

Around the corner and tucked into a pretty, great, cluster of branches we found a nest and two Robin Eggs.  We've been keeping tabs on these eggs.  We just innocently meandered down the sidewalk, turn the corner and proceed to climb the tree like crazy monkeys.  We push each other down to get the first look, boost bottoms, strain necks and plunge into branches.  I don't remember if I've ever seen eggs in a nest.  It seems like I have, but have I really?  This is one, perfect, little nest.  Cozy and snug and symmetrical.  Good luck to the two little ones!

Sidenote:  This is our 5 o'clock Griffer Doo.  Just tuckered out.  Jack and I just sit by him and try to pry his eyes open.  It's great fun when I should be making dinner.


Rachael said...

i LOVE this post. I love the eggs, the description of sneaking out to see them. And, of course, I love Griff's dead-to-the-world nap at the worst time. Why can't kids just nap when we want them to?! But hopefully this nap worked out fine. :)

w. leavitt said...

this will be a magical spring filled with the miracle of bird birth.

harada57 said...
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