Wednesday, June 20, 2012

And Jack is Six

 Cinnamon rolls for breakfast baby!  Griff doesn't like cinnamon rolls, but Jack and Steve are all about them.
 This is the bus segment that followed the train ride into Chicago.  It was hot and sweaty and totally stinky.  What could be better?
 Went to the moon for his birthday too.  Just can't say "no".
 Can you see the pebbles flying in all directions???  He couldn't get enough of it.
 At the beach by the Planetarium.  The water felt nice and thankfully the thunderstorm didn't break while we played.
Jack's pumpkin Viking cake.  It was a hit!

We packed so much into this birthday, but it was very fun!  Steve took the day off and we took him to work (The Field Museum).  We hit the Planetarium, which is so amazing and has lots of exhibits for kids.  Griffin screamed through the Galaxy show, but Jack and I got to enjoy it.  Then to the beach and finally back home for pizza, cake, presents and a viewing of 'Charlotte's Web'.  Maybe friend birthdays are easier.  :)

On a Jackson note, I have to say that he is truly amazing.  Obedient.  Clever.  Artistic.  Musical and more.  He asks me to take him on walks so he's my best friend.  Happy Birthday Kiddo!


HowellAZ said...

That is the most adorable thing that he likes you to take him on walks. I dread the day my kids no longer want to hang out with me - ha! I love the picture of him going to the moon - his face is too cute! Can't believe he's 6 - time flies!

LauraJ said...

Jack is totally awesome - our whole house is a bunch of Jack fans! Looks like the birthday was a blast and you guys sure know how to keep things busy!

Rappleye Family said...

What a big boy!!!!

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