Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Anni

I felt a little like this...

Why? Did Steve forget our anniversary? No. Did he pick his nose on our date? Nope. I was just plain moody. I'm not a moody person...not usually, but I was on Tuesday. A
good friend told me that they celebrate birthdays for a week. This systems helps to work around moody, yet well meaning wives, kids throwing up and your run of the mill special day hijacks. So I'm calling a do over. Next date night.

It really says something about the person you love; when they can love you through the bad days. There's one good thing.

Griff is just a stand-in for Steve.


Lacee DeG said...

I don't buy it..I've never (EVER) seen you with a grumpy disposition. But Griffy is an adorable stand in! Better luck on the Do-Over :)

Erin said...

Happy Anniversary! Moodiness - bleh. a do-over is a good call. I forgot this week is completely crazy for you!

Kristi said...

Happy Christmas/Birthday/Anniversary to you all! Your hair is so long! Don't cut it until I see you. Griff is such a doll and your twin!

Rachael said...

Some days are like that, so it only makes sense that some special days end up like that! Sorry! I hope that you have a great second chance. :) And I can't believe how long your hair is!! Pretty!!

donna said...

Your hair is really long! Wow! And Griffy is really growing up too!

You know I've felt like that elephant too, so I know just what you mean. Next date night will be better.

Besides, it's not all bad to be an elephant... Winifred had the best line in the Jungle Book - "Now, wait just a minute you pompous old windbag!" Makes me almost want to change my name! :)